A fully customizable, bullshit-free levelling bot.

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Earn XP by chatting!

Whenever a member sends a message, they are rewarded with XP. Level up to earn unique server roles, or maybe just bragging rights.

Fully customizable!

Want to change the amount of XP required to reach a level? Or only send a level up message on every 5th level? Polaris has all sorts of cool stuff that you probably won't find elsewhere. (and there's always more to come!)

Unlimited reward roles!

Grant members special roles when they reach certain levels! There's no limit to how many can be added, and multiple roles can even be assigned for a single level. It's like a dozen lines of code, why the heck would anyone charge for this?


Want to reward server boosters by giving them double XP? Or make a certain channel category only give half? Polaris has a powerful multiplier system for perfect XP balancing. Or chaos. Anything you want, really.

Easy to use!

Polaris takes advantage of Discord's slash commands, which allows for all sorts of helpful things that normal prefix commands can't do. Stop being stubborn and give slash commands a try I swear they're really good.

Plague your server with XP today!

Created by Colon :

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