Polaris Privacy Policy

I have no idea how to write a formal privacy policy. But fortunately, I can still tell you exactly what this bot stores.

- Simply put, the bot does not collect or log user info in any way. The only data stored by the bot is stuff that is already viewable by moderators, such as leaderboard data or the XP settings.

- For all Discord-related data (users, channels, roles, servers, etc), only IDs are stored. These are used for things like multipliers or reward roles. Readable info like usernames or server icons is directly fetched and not saved anywhere.

- For leaderboard entries, the only things stored are the member's ID, the amount of XP they have, and their cooldown. That's literally it, no extra secrets.

- Extra stats (e.g. how often commands are used, what slash commands are being typed, etc) are NOT logged or stored.

- The developer of the bot (Colon, AKA me) has the ability to look into the database to view or update any server's leaderboard or settings. This will never be done maliciously, and is only really done for analytical purposes (e.g. seeing how many servers use a certain feature).

- Polaris does not use any of Discord's extra bot intents. This means that it's literally blocked from reading messages (unless Polaris is tagged), viewing user statuses, or viewing full member lists.

- You can clear all server data (both settings and leaderboard) from the 'data' tab of the dashboard. This purges everything from the database as well (except server ID).

- If you are no longer in a server and wish to have your XP deleted from it, please contact me via the links below.

- If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or in the support server.