Zoo Privacy Policy

By using Zoo, you agree to the following privacy policy:


Zoo uses minimal user data and stores nothing personal except your Discord ID.

Data Collection

The only meaningful data collected by the bot is Discord user and server IDs. These are required in order to store the save data required for the bot to work. Any data related to your zoo profile (such as number of animals, custom zoo name, profile settings, etc) are also stored.

Data Usage

All data is used solely so that the bot and website are able to function. No data will ever be shared or sold to third parties. Who would even want it?

Discord Intents

Zoo does not use any of Discord's extra bot intents. It is unable to read messages in the server, and cannot freely access information about server members.

Data Removal

Your data can be freely removed via the /profiles command. Deleting all your profiles will force-wipe ALL data that the bot stores about you.


If you have any concerns about the bot, or wish to have your data removed, please contact Colon on Twitter or in the support server.